Ask Your Mortgage Broker is based on real-life stories and hard-earned experience that Blair AYMB_3Dcover_849x1126Anderson has collected over the first nineteen years of his career as a mortgage broker. It illuminates the residential mortgage brokerage industry in Canada.

This book is an exposé of the industry’s history, utilitarianism, and best-kept secrets. It is a must-read for every existing or potential homeowner and it meticulously debunks the myths about mortgage brokers that are designed to mislead you.

If you want to shake off your preconceptions and take control of your financial health, instead of following the typical herd mentality, Ask Your Mortgage Broker offers you practical tips and guidance from the front lines.

Who should read this book?

This book was written with two groups in mind:  (1) Canadian home buyers/owners and (2) New mortgage professionals entering the industry.

Both groups of people can benefit greatly from reading this book before they strike out on their own.


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